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Essay #1

I am sure that many of you have dabbled in the pleasures of phone sex before, but you may not have come across a cock tease such as myself. I am not your every day average phone sex Mistress. I am a true, bonafied, real life cock tease, and I take pleasure and delight in making men moan under my talents. There is a difference between a woman who teases a cock as a means to an end, and one who takes an intimate pleasure in making a man feel sensations like he has never felt before. I am not just another cock tease. I am truly a 'cock whisperer'.

Many see eyes as the window to the soul, but for myself, when it comes to knowing men, I know that the window to their soul goes directly through their cock. By paying careful attention to men throughout my life, I have learned exactly how to read them, and have learned how to control them by using their cock. I know when to stroke it, how hard to stroke it, how long to stroke it, and, more importantly, when to stop.

But there is more to it than just teasing a man's cock. Because the truth is, I derive a great deal of pleasure from making a man's cock twitch and jerk with desire. I love to watch the look on his face as I bring him to the edge of orgasm again and again, hoping each time that I will then allow him to have that release that he desires and begs for so desperately. I am sexually excited when I tease a man, and have been known to find my own orgasmic pleasure just from intense cock teasing.

Of course, the fact that I derive pleasure from watching a man squirm and moan for me does mean that I am not in any hurry for the fun to end. I love to have long, drawn out sessions of cock teasing, making a man so desperate for release that he would agree to almost anything, just to hear me utter those words, "Cum for me". My voice itself is a tease in your ear, and the words I speak to you can make you feel as though my actual hand itself is stroking that cock, just as my voice strokes your ear, touching your very soul.

This is no ordinary phone sex experience. This is erotic fantasy at it's finest. You desire to have a sexy, dominant woman take control of your cock. You need a woman who knows what to do to you that will make you feel sensations you have never experienced before. You want it to be as though you are right there with her, in the same room, feeling her hands touching your body, bringing you closer and closer to that orgasmic bliss. Well, you have found me. I am that woman. I will take you to those places you long to go. All it takes is for you to lie back, pick up that phone, and let your fantasy begin.

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