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Essay #2

I am often asked by my callers how it is that a woman such as myself came to be a phone sex Mistress. What is it that made me want to do this full time, to so many different men? Well, for me, the fact of the matter is that I enjoy it immensely. I love the way that men simply cannot resist my charms, and once they find themselves wrapped around my little finger, they really do not want to be set free.

I learned at a very young age that men were attracted to my sweet voice and girl-next-door looks. I also learned that once I turned on the charms to them, they were pretty much willing to give me whatever I wanted, do whatever I asked of them, and find their own ways to pleasure me with things they thought that I would like. Men go out of their way to please me, even if it means that they themselves are denied of their own pleasures. I learned that to control a cock meant to control the man it was attached to, more than any other means I had ever heard of.

After going through most of my puberty and then on through high school being known as a flirt and a cock tease, I moved on to college, and therefore, older men. Being the independent femdom that I am, I worked hard to get into a good college, and used my talents along the way when necessary, even with my college professors. I needed to have a way to support myself while working on my education, so a friend suggested that I try phone sex, knowing my personality and how I loved to tease boys anyway. I decided to give it a try, and without realizing it, I found my perfect calling, no pun intended.

I love the diversity that phone fantasy brings me. I can be dressing a crossdresser in some sexy lingerie one minute, then instructing a bisexual cock sucker on how to deep throat a cock the next. It allows me to explore and indulge my own kinks and turn-ons while exciting my callers and playing with them, allowing them to open their own hidden sexual portals in their mind. Having a very high sexual drive myself, being a phone fantasy Mistress allows me the opportunity to fulfil my own sexual needs and urges, along with my callers. If a call is particularly hot and sexy, I have no qualms about getting my box of toys out and playing with myself during the call, and allowing my callers to hear how hot the fantasy is making me. Not only do I enjoy the physical pleasure myself, but I also know how badly it teases that cock between your legs to hear me moaning with my own pleasure.

I love being a cock tease, and men love to have me tease their cocks. It is a long standing relationship that has grown and flourished over the years, and I know that it will only get more intense in the future. If you want to know how much I really enjoy teasing cocks, then be prepared for the ride of your life. Do you dare make that call?

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