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Essay #3

Power suit. Power tie. Power car. Yes, he had it all. At least, it seemed that way to everyone on the outside. He was in complete control over everything, but control often comes with a price. With complete control comes much responsibility, and sometimes that responsibility can be overwhelming. Sometimes, a man just wants to give up that control. Sometimes, he wants to let someone else take the wheel. It doesn't necessarily have to be someone taking over for him in his world of business. In fact, he gets more relief when it's on a more personal level. Which, of course, is why he came to see me.

I'm often amused at the way men try to present themselves to me in the beginning. As though they think I am going to be intimidated by them and their power suit. Well, they soon learn that once they walk through my door, they are no longer the one in charge. I am. And I don't have to be all mighty and powerful to take control over them, either.

It starts with something as simple as having them get undressed. A naked man presenting himself in front of a dominant, clothed woman can be quite intimidating all in itself. It reminds me of the story of Samson and Delilah. Once Delilah coerced Samson to cut his hair, his power of strength disappeared. Similarly, once I have a man undress in front of me, standing before me without a stitch of clothing on, fully exposing himself to me, he becomes much more submissive and much less assured of himself. He becomes much more open to the control I am taking over him.

I have him lie down on the bed, again demonstrating my control over the session. I may tell him to take his cock in his hand and stroke it, or I may stroke it myself, teasing him with my own fingertips. And, if I am feeing especially naughty and devilish, I may tell him to spread his legs as I indulge myself in another one of my pleasures, anal play. For some men, this is a very difficult control to give up. It is these men that I find the most delight in doing this to. It isn't necessarily that I only want to break them. It is also the fact that I know what pleasure they will find if they let themselves experience it, if they allow themselves the gift of giving themselves over to a femdom such as myself, who knows what she is doing and can take them where they have never gone before. To see the look of ecstacy on their faces as I touch parts of them that they never knew existed before, is a sexual turn-on to me as well. And in giving control up to me, they themselves receive much more in return.

When I have teased that cock and made that man become like jello before me, draining him not only of his semen but also of his resistance, it is then that my task is complete. And in giving him what he needed... the pleasure of release both physically and mentally... I also at the same time made him dependent upon me, for now he will return to me again, seeking that solace that only I can bring... the safe place where he can give up total control.

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